CAR-2265 & CAR-2465 Valkyrie LRSS

Long-Range Sniper System

The Valkyrie LRSS is a semi-automatic, high-powered, long-range sniper system chambered in the USSCOM Spec 6.5 Creedmoor round for ultimate impact across long ranges.

Designed strictly for military and law enforcement use, capable of greater than 1.3 minute of angle dispersion (with match ammunition) at ranges of over 1000 meters.

  • The Valkyrie produces a 33% increase in effective range compared to the M110 in .308 Win caliber, and a 30% increase of energy at impact*.

  • Available in two formats, the CAR-2265 (22-inch barrel) and the CAR-2465 (24-inch barrel) both engineered for precision take-down of personnel targets.

  • Both variants of the Valkyrie (CAR-2265 and CAR-2465) benefit from a 40% reduction in wind effect compared to the M110 in .308 Win caliber.

*22-inch barrel used in comparison testing.


Optional integrated critical asset tracking and management functionality unique to defense, military, and law enforcement agencies.

All Compton Arms Research Brand firearms and armaments can be equipped with a state-of-the-art embedded passive UHF RFID system for critical asset management, tracking and recovery.