The CA-19 Hybrid Series of pistol combines the reliability and safety of a hammer-fired pistol with the modern materials and features that today’s professional has come to expect. A hybrid metal inner-frame with an advance composite material outer-frame provides substantial weight savings without compromising strength.


A culmination of over 5-years of development:

  • 22 prototype iterations

  • Thousands of man-hours of testing

  • Advanced Polymer Composite™ outer frame

  • All-metal contact points and all-metal sub-frame

  • Includes features normally found on only custom-built handguns


Developed with law enforcement in mind, the CA-19 Hybrid Series of handguns pack loads of features in a capable package. From the mid-frame CA-19M to the full-size long-frame CA-19L, both include the features that the professional insists upon when seconds count.


The CA-19 Hybrid Series’ frame architecture utilizes our APC -Advanced Polymer Composite™, which is up to 20% more impact resistant that traditional polymer handgun frames without adding extra weight.

The all-metal inner-core of the frame uses the same alloy found in high-power rifles and ensures that all metal surfaces contact metal for added strength and rigidity without weighing-down the pistol. This provides two benefits:

  1. The inner-core frame produces a more substantial hand-feel and reduces felt recoil compared to an all-polymer framed handgun

  2. Using a lighter weight helps reduce shooter fatigue compared to similar brands which use only steel


Each model of the CA-19 Hybrid Series includes:

  • An integrated muzzle brake, which helps reduce felt recoil and helps to keep the muzzle down when discharging, and each has an external safety

  • MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails on the frame and slide provide ample room for you to expand your capabilities with add-on lights, laser sights, or other optics and accessories





The CA-19M is the medium-frame pistol originally created for law enforcement as a side-arm for everyday carrying.

It includes a full-size grip, with a medium-length frame for ease of carrying or concealment, and a lighter weight.



The CA-19L is the long-frame variant of the CL-19 Hybrid Series offers the same full-size grip, with a long-format slide and barrel assembly.

When a larger format is required for longer-range accuracy.


Optional integrated critical asset tracking and management functionality unique to defense, military, and law enforcement agencies.

All Compton Arms Research Brand firearms and armaments can be equipped with a state-of-the-art embedded passive UHF RFID system for critical asset management, tracking and recovery.