CA-19 Hybrid Series


The CA-19 Hybrid models of handgun are being brought to market after 5-years of development. Utilizing advanced materials, the CA-19 Hybrid Series brings together reliability and modern technology for a package that does not compromise.


Created as a side-arm for everyday carrying, its frame architecture utilizes our APC Advanced Polymer Composite™, which is up to 20% more impact resistant that traditional polymer handgun frames without adding extra weight.

The CA-19 Hybrid also employs an ultralight hard-anodized inner skeleton where all metal points contact. This dramatically increases rigidity while keeping the overall weight down.

The CA-19 Hybrid Series combines the reliability and safety of a hammer-fired pistol with the modern materials and features that today’s professional has come to expect.

 The integrated recoil dampening system reduces felt recoil and helps the operator remain in firm control.

The CA-19 Hybrid Series of pistols include our Limited Lifetime Warranty* so you can expect a lifetime of use.